˹ DEVCON FasMetal 10 HVAC 19770 Epoxy Repair putty
ി͹Դվ͡ Ѻҹ HVAC ͷͧᴧ (Copper Coil) ¢ͧê Coil in Compressors, ٢ͧش

Թ: FasMetal 10 HVAC
: Devcon
P/N: 19770
ѷ: ITW Devcon, 30 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923

Bonds to aluminum and other metals, ceramics, woods, concrete or glass Repairs coils in compressors Hardens to a rigid bond that can be ground, drilled, or tapped Fills voids or porosity in aluminum castings
Listed under NSN stock #8030-00-348-7617

Intended Use: Seal leaks in pipes and tanks; repair copper coils in compressors, repair holes in aluminum and other metals
Product features: Fills voids or pores in castings Bonds, patches, and seals metals Bonds to aluminum, concrete, and many other metals Aids in quickly returning equipment back to service Hardens to a rigid material that can be ground, drilled, or tapped

Ҵè: 6.5͹
㹡ͧ ഻͹ 10HVAC Сͺ

ʵ͡ 13078 DEVCON FasMetal 10HVAC # 19770 Ҥ ҷ / ش
Fasmetal(TM) 10 HVAC 19770 Epoxy Repair putty, sell price thb per set

Ŵ MSDS 纼Ե http://www.devcon.com/prodfiles/pdfs/sku_msds_2.pdf

꡷ʹŴ MSDS ͧ Devcon FasMetal 10HVAC

Devcon 蹷˹
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